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Overview of Client Care & Services:

Our goal is to give you the best outcome possible to achieve your dream of a beautiful home or a successful commercial venture.

Because we care about you and your project, we try to make the design and building process as enjoyable and rewarding as it can be. There's nothing more satisfying than hearing you say you love your new home or building.

In order to do that we need to work hard together; and because we think you deserve all the help you can get, in an adventure that is often new and sometimes confusing territory for you, we provide many services to ensure success.

To advise you about your project we offer:

  • All meetings are with the Principal Architect John Rinaldi
  • All calls are answered by the Principal Architect John Rinaldi within 24 hours
  • Working together to determine a realistic building program
  • Giving you realistic costs of your building program
  • Discussion of financing
  • Providing Scope of Work schedules
  • Setting realistic completion dates
  • Filing all required documents with public agencies
  • Representing you at any governmental agency meetings that may be required
  • Obtaining building permits so you can proceed as quickly as possible
  • Hourly rates apply
We also provide the following:
  • Site visit and analysis
  • Environmental planning
  • Preliminary GREEN analysis
  • Exploring exterior double wall construction, which gives a building super insulation values
  • Exploring double membrane roofing sheathing to also give a building superior air movement and reduce heat and cold air transfer
  • LEED Guidelines (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design)
  • Consulting on the phone
  • Program definition and organization
  • Site evaluation and planning
  • Innovative and creative architectural design
  • Architectural sketches and renderings
  • Construction observation
  • Construction management
  • Building code consultation
  • Land zoning and use issues expedited
  • Compliance with Americans with Disabilities (A.D.A.) consultation
  • Alzheimer facility design
  • Interior design and materials selection and coordination with environmentally GREEN materials orientation

    • Interior elevations, walls, ceilings and floor materials; color call-outs
    • Detailing: one of the most important design features of a home is sometimes forgotten, which expresses the owner's emotions

  • Designing varied family housing requirements: single family, single parent, extended family or older relation housing
  • Adapting existing homes to accommodate assisted living, elders and mobile, handicapped occupants
  • Restoration and rehabilitation of older structures, homes, warehouses, churches, schools, and factories to meet current standards or for new occupancies
  • All styles of architecture, to fulfill a client's dreams, needs, requirements, and budget
We provide detailed and accurate hand-drawn plans:

We know that some clients prefer the look of CADD drawings, so we do offer that option. We however prefer producing detailed and accurate hand-drawn plans, because hand-drawn plans incorporate our office method of dimensioning and detailing - a skill many other offices no longer provide.

This is a critical component to your job being done correctly, because we have found through years of experience that hand-drawn plans are more preferred by contractors doing the work. Hand-drawings may look vastly different from CADD drawings, but they take much more knowledge and skill to produce, and they are more thorough and efficient, so in the end hand-drawn plans are often less expensive than CADD.

When working with us, here is the sequence of events you can expect:

Client Contact - telephone or personal, direct or indirect

Office Meeting - usually 1 hour, to determine the general scope of the work - hourly rates apply

Visit Site - walk the site

Office Meeting - to review the site; go over the project requirements and scope of the work, explain fees which are borne by the owner

Proposal Sent To Client For Review

Client - either accepts proposal, or it is negotiated for approval

Office Meeting - to review signed Agreement, scope of work and services for client

Architect - reviews project scope with appropriate requirements of governmental agencies included

Schematic Studies Begin - site plan, floor plans, sections, and sketches of the project to capture the client's desired style of architecture

Office Meeting(s) - with client to review schematic studies

Preliminary Studies From Schematic Studies Approved By Client - schematic studies signed by client, architect begins revised or approved site plan,floor plans, sections and elevations

Office Meeting(s) - with client to review preliminary studies

Coordination - of all consultants' data

Construction Drawings (Working Drawings) Begin - from preliminary studies approved and signed by client

General Sheet Description:
  1. Title Sheet = general notes, schedules, project data, vicinity map, legal, etc.
  2. Site Plan
  3. LEED evaluation table to meet or exceed the local building department requirements
  4. Foundation Plan and Details
  5. Floor Plan(s)
  6. Framing Plans and Structural Details
  7. Roof Plan and Details
  8. Exterior Elevations and Details
  9. Sections and Structural Details
  10. Door, Window and Finish Schedules and Details
  11. Cabinet Interior Elevations
  12. Schematic Electrical Plan(s)
  13. Schematic Mechanical Plans
Office Meeting(s) - to review progress of construction drawings; includes architectural, structural, electrical and mechanical

Office Meeting(s) - with client to review, approve and sign construction drawings

Architect Files Construction Drawings (Plans) For Plan Check - with proper governmental agency (Building Department). Client pays necessary fees

Architect Makes Necessary Corrections and Revisons - from governmental agency

Client Pays Fees Necessary to Governmental Agency - city building department

Architect Obtains Building Permint Necessary to Construct Project

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